Past Litters
AKC Basset Hound Puppies  
I seldom breed, since 2010 I've had 3 litters. I'm very selective with whom I place a puppy with. I NEVER ship and you will NEVER find my pups listed on an internet puppy site. I must meed all perspective parents in person. Please call or email for info.  
previous Beans and Bacon  66% Euro Pup
(Beanie Baby)
Baby Beatrice is loaded with skin just like Bacon
 This girl came out half grown ! 1Lb 5oz and with excess wrinkles !
whelped 2/9/12
pics below is litter born Aug 21, 2010 Beverly Grace/Tater
Gabby- Harrington Family in Florence, SC
-  Beasley  
Frito - Jones Family, Alaska
 Amos - Farbotko Family   Atlanta,GA
Ziggy- Jessica and Bruce   Savannah, Ga
  Briley Pearl- Fields Family Columbia, SC
   Ginger - Sheri Camp Camden, SC
 Tango-  Lawrence Family  Boston, MA
Copper -  Jackson Family  Hendersonville, NC



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