AKC Basset Hound  
God is so good !
Welcome to Brentley's Bassets
European Basset Hounds
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next breeding planned for Nov.
I never have available puppies, you must be on my waiting lists.

Located in Western North Carolina, Brentley's Bassets is dedicated to promoting the AKC Basset Hound
UPDATED 10/3/2016
100% European litter 
Jelly had 5 big beautiful Tri colored puppies.
4 boys, 1 girl
Please review the "Puppies" link to the left before calling or emailing.
I never have "available puppies" I work strictly off my waiting lists
1 am using a new stud. 100% Euro and full brother to Java.
Cooper (pic below) and Jelly breeding next week
Breeding Java and Bacon this week
Call to be added to waiting lists. I am looking for show and pet homes.
See "Puppies" link for info on breedings

Java is doing great showing !

owned and loved by Barry and Patty Brown

Welcome Brentley's Sir Loin of Berry Hill
Call name Burger

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Victoria Galaspy
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Brentley's Beggin' Bacon 
Brentley's Jelly Belly
Beverly Grace Face Two Face (Pet)
Brentleys Cool Beans Taterbaby "Beans"
Brentley's Call Me Tater Salad "Tater" (pet)
Psalm 50:10,11
For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills. I know all the fowls of the mountains: and the wild beasts of the field are mine 
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Basset Rules
1. Basset can not enter the house.
2. Ok, basset can enter the house but only to some rooms.
3. Basset can enter any room but he can not lay down on a sofa.
4. Basset can lay down just on an old sofa, but definitely not on a new couch.
5. Ok, basset can lay on every sofa in the house, but he can't lay down on the bed.
6. Basset can lay down on the bed but only if he is invited.
7. He can sleep in the bed but not under the comforter.
8. OK OK Basset can sleep under the comforter only if the owner permits it.
9. Basset can sleep under the comforter whenever he wants.
10. Owner has to ask basset for a permission if he can sleep under the comforter.




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